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Mark your page in your book with Bookpoucher. The difference between book markers and Bookpoucher are we left the top open. You can put pencils, pens or whatever inside the Bookpoucher then mark your page like  a book marker but you will NOT get any marks on your pages from the pencils or pens.

Support your school fundraisers, church fundraisers, team fundraisers, or organization fundraisers when you purchase Bookpoucher. We offer you a chance to raising funds for your school, raising funds for your church, raising funds for your team or raising funds for your organization. What you need to do it register your school fundraiser, church fundraiser, team fundraiser or organization fundraiser on our web site then tell everyone about our fundraising web site. Then start making money for your school fundraisers, church fundraisers, team fundraisers or organization fundraisers, it is that easy.  We offer unique products that are made in the USA.

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**When you order a sport or passion, you might receive a different color/print than shown on this web site but the print you receive will be of your sport or passion.


What is your passion?
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We have a bookmarker for you! If  your passion is not listed, email us and we will work with you to order the sport or passion you want. If you just want a Bookpoucher in a particular color (Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow), email us and we will create something especially for you!






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